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Another Magazine’s, November 27, 2008

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This text published at Global Short Story Project in Another Magazine‘s Document and in a pullout section of Moleskine 2010. Eight writers, four continents, two hemispheres, one moment in time: for this issue of Document, loosely based a buy cialis online round the theme of travel, we invited some of the most interesting writers at work today, positioned all over the world, to write about what they could see from their desks, at exactly the same time: 12 noon GMT, November 27. A snapshot, a feeling of renewed optimism, a sense of something coming together just for an instant, a group of disparate people working together; welcome to a shared point of view… Milton Hatoum between São Paulo and Manaus, Brazil Latitude: 23˚31’, south. Longitude: 46˚ 31’, west. 10am, November 27, 2008 30 metres up, in an apartment on São Paulo’s west side, I see a grey or blue sky over the greatest metropolis of South America. Thousands of road vehicles travel the river Pinheiros’s embankments every hour, but at this moment, midday, there is an unending queue of stationary cars and lorries. Beside the river, on the University of São Paulo’s vast campus, I see the clock tower, and […]

Eve´s Verandas

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translated by John Gledson http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/The-Island-City_Milton-Hatoum_excerpt.pdf

Island City, short stories – release

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http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Island-City_Hatoum_release.pdf Read excerpts here:


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Freedom, short stories celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “A rich new collection of stories by some of the best fiction writers in the world today. Each is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of humankind’s greatest achievements. We are all born free, but do we all live free? Freedom presents a provocative mix of stories that move, challenge, inspire and entertain. From the street of Zimbabwe to the green spaces of Edinburgh, each author takes you on a unique and powerful journey. Mainstream Publishing, London, 2009