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Gomes, cine y lecturas – Eñe, Revista para leer, n 25, Primavera 2011

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 ¿Conoces al escritor Milton Hatoum? Vargas Llosa buy viagra canada fue visto hace poco con una de sus novelas. Gomes relee Relato de un cierto Oriente, con la intención de adaptarla para el cine. Aquí te lo contamos. http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/eñe_Relato_MarceloGomes_maio2011.pdf

Ashes of the Amazon, review by Dan Eltringham – The Literateur, 23, December 2009

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Set in Manaus, capital of Brazil’s Amazona region, Ashes of the Amazon evokes place and milieu far removed from the contextual touchstones of European literary fiction, while being at once predominantly concerned with one of the European novel’s great themes: the value of art, the worth of being an artist, and the thorny problem of whether an artistic life is one insulated from other kinds of social responsibility. The novel’s main strength is its very serious engagement with the relation of art to poverty, the myth of the impoverished artist and to commerce. This is familiar ground, but it is well covered, and although the novel as a piece of art will usually end up taking art’s side, here it is far from unequivocal. This is largely due to Hatoum’s impressive ability to construct what appear to be stereotypes and then complicate them.  This tension between type and textured complexity is most evident in the characters of Jano and Mundo, father and son, current owner and intended inheritor, respectively, of the family’s Jute exportation business and its visual symbol, Jano’s beloved Vila Amazonia. The Vila, up the Rio Negro river in the Amazon rainforest, is the novel’s dynastic core and […]

Fascinating re-telling of an acnient Amazonian myth, by Shane Creevy – www.Politico.ie, 08 March 2010

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  Fascinating re-telling of an ancient Amazonian myth Monday, 08 March 2010 11:15 Shane Creevy “Don’t we breathe through what we speak? Don’t story-telling and singing blot out our pain?” The Amazon River and rainforest have captivated, provoked, even frightened, since the earliest times of human habitation. In Orphans of Eldorado, Milton Hatoum evokes the legend of The Enchanted City – a shining city of gold at the bottom of the Amazon River where people live as enchanted beings. The story is set in Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s Amazona region. Here Amando Cordovil runs a shipping empire with the help of his trusty lawyer Estiliano.  Arminto Cordovil, Amando’s son and the narrator of the story, is somewhat estranged from his father. One day he receives notification that his father would like to see him and the two agree to meet. But before they can do so Amando dies suddenly and Arminto inherits a fortune. He, however, becomes obsessed by Dinaura, a woman who lives with nuns. His passion for her blinds him to the slow decay of his shipping empire and when the Eldorado – a boat with much of his cargo onboard – sinks, he is left with […]

Sur le roman Récit d’ un certain Orient – Michel Riaudel – Infos Brésil 160, 15 Juillet 2000

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The Flowering of Memory in “Eve’s Verandas”, by K. David Jackson, Yale University

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MILTON HATOUM: The Flowering of Memory in “Eve’s Verandas” When Milton Hatoum (b. Manaus, 1952) came onto the international literary scene in 1989 with his first novel, Relato de um certo Oriente [Tree of the Seventh Heaven, 1994 Tale of a Certain Orient, 2004], he was already a mature author with a complex narrative style, whose subject related to his own family background of Lebanese immigrants who settled in one of Brazil’s most fascinating regions, the Amazon, and specifically in its capital city of Manaus. Hatoum is interested in literature and history, as filtered through memory and imagination, and he writes in non-linear accounts of the transition from the Middle East to the Amazon using modern narrative techniques of distancing. In recovering a world frozen in time through the opaque and often melancholic memories of his characters, Hatoum’s Manaus is reminiscent of Lawrence Durell’s Alexandria, a city recaptured in a quartet of novels (1957-1960), each retelling the story and judging the city from the perspective of a particular character. The difference here is that Hatoum’s characters are immigrants who are acculturating to a strange new world, where space has a special ability to change their lives, and all the characters […]

Europei, ora parliamo noi, di Lauretta Colonnelli – Amica, 25 Gennaio 1993

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Vengono dall Brasile, dalla Turchia, dalla Nigeria. Parlano dei loro mondi pieni di contrasti con struggente poesia. E affascinano l´occidente. Tre giovani narratori protagonisti di un grande sucesso letterario, si raccontano. Milton Hatoum, Orhan Pamuk, Bem Okri. cialis 20 mg http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Ricordi_Amica1.jpg http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Ricordi_Amica2.jpg http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Ricordi_Amica3.jpg

Une petite musique lancinante, par Pierre Rivas – La Quinzaine Litteraire, du 01 Janvier au 16 janvier 2004

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Milton Hatoum est né en 1952, à Manaus, au sein dúne famille dórigine buy viagra libanaise. Son oeuvre, qui se réduit à deux romans, traduits aux éditions duu Seuil, “Récit d´un certain Orient”, en 1993, et “Deux fréres, qui vient de paraître, ne relève nulleme cialis online ntet du pitoresque amazonien. Paradis vert ou Enfer vert, mais de son inscription généalogique, celle des Libanais Immigrés dans l´autre Amérique, celle du Sud, pou citer le travail de Selim Abou. D´où un ton, une voix, une thématique que font sa singularité dans une littérature souvent expressionniste. http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/DeuxFrères_PierreRivas.jpg

"No estamos más en tiempos de Balzac", por Rodolfo Edwards – Revista de Cultura Ñ, Clarín.com

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Es uno de los escritores más importantes del Brasil. Dueño de una poética cosmopolita, aquí dice que “muchos textos posmodernos no son serious skin care creíbles porque no son convincentes”.

L´orient Sud-Americain: les écrivains libanais ne sont pas de "têttes de Turcs". Par Pedro de Souza – Match du Monde

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Trois generic viagra des plus grands ecrivain bresiliens son´t d´origine libanaise. L´exemple le puls abouti de la convergence des cultures. http://www.miltonhat Vision Sin Gafas – Vision Without Glasses En Español oum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/MatchduMonde1.jpg http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/MatchduMonde2.jpg

Mille e una notte nel profondo dell´Amazonia, Intervista di Giorgio Ieranò – ?, 16 Decembre 1992

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L´Oriente visto da uno scrittore libanese che vive a Manusting Manaus.   http://www.miltonhatoum.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Ricordi_Milleunanotte_Italia.jpg ialis order