Ashes of the Amazon, UK edition

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Ashes of the Amazon is the sotry of a long rebellion and the struggle to understand it. The rebel is Mundo, the embittered offshoot of a family split down in the middle, whose artistic vocation clashes with his fatheer's dynastic plans; the attempt to understand him falls to Lavo, a hardworking orphan who betters himself – if that's the word – under the influence of Mundo's father, a rich businessman with friend in the military.

The symbolic heart of the novel

Dissolve Your Debt

lies in Vila Amazônia, a palatial villa at the centre of a jute plantation and Mundo's worst nightmare. in his lifelong struggle to escape his father's dynastic ambitions, Mundo distances himself as much as possible from this dead centre of the family's wealth, escaping to Rio de janeiro and the the effervescent worlds of Berlin and London in the 1970s.
In Ashes of the Amazon, Hatoum has expanded and deepened his fictional world, taking to heart Flaubert's injunction to write 'the moral history of his generation'. This beautiful, mature, and involving novel is the extraordinary result.

Winner of Brazil's three premier prizes: The Book of the Year, The Jabuti Prize for Best Novel, Portugal Telecom Prize.

translated by John Gledson


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