The Brothers, novel (American Edition)

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Set in the Brazilian port of Manaus, The Brothers is the gripping story of identical twins, Yacub and Omar, whose mutual jealousy is offset only by the fierce love for their mother.

Omar has always been the object of Zana's Jocasta-like passion, but his indolence and self-indulgence lead him to a life of crime that his mother refuses to acknowledge. Yacub is the seemingly more trustworthy of the two, and soon leaves for São Paulo anda a succesful career as an engineer, but only

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after has exacted a subtle revenge on his brother. Yet in spite of his professed desire to have nothing more to do with his family, he is too firmly entangled in their pernicious relationships – a web complicated by his beautiful sister, Rânia – not to be drawn back to Manaus.

Vivid, exotic, and lushly atmospheric, The Brothers is a haunting story of a family desintegration and cultural transformation by one of Brazil's most acclaimed contemporary novelists.

translated by John Geldson

Praise for The Brothers:

“The sotry is universal, though sensously anchored in Manaus… gripping in both its particular twists and its tragic inevitability… it is a human story told in a world made real by a very good writer.” A.S.Byatt, Guardian


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